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CSK Zipper is Korea’s largest zipper manufacturing company, and one of 5 largest zipper and webbing manufacturers in the world. The firm was founded in 1978, and has its headquarters in Seoul, S. Korea. In 2002, the company expanded to Vietnam, by founding Chunshin Precision Vina, and CSK USA was established in Irvine, USA.

The company’s products include plastic zippers, metal zippers, coil zippers, sliders & pullers, waterproof zippers, variety of zippers and webbing. The company represents over 30+ world’s renowned companies including Under Armour, Adidas, Kohl’s, Quicksilver, and JCPenney. Gross sales are over US $32 million in terms of year 2016. Since 2016, CSK started manufacturing webbing by establishing factory # 2 in Vietnam. Zipper and webbing products are distributed both in the domestic and foreign markets under the CSK brand. The company produces of 42 million yards or zipper chain, 860 tons of sliders, 72 million complete zippers, 39 million yards of webbing each month.